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Nova Asteroids is a segment of the full game Nova Chase, which is yet to be completed. Nova Asteroids is a Virtual Reality outer space adventure game situated inside the asteroid belt. Head movements give the illusion that your body movements are the only controller. You fully interact with the asteroids by shooting lasers from your eyes, catching power­ups with your shields and dodging indestructible missiles. It is intended to play standing, but can be played sitting. Players aged 90 to the very young have enjoyed this seemingly simple yet thrilling game. It is as difficult as you make it. The controls are so intuitive that most slip on the headset and immediately know how to play using only natural instincts. Even though there are tons of space objects coming at you, the careful construction of the game creates a dynamic stability so that the player always knows which way is up. The only disorientation is the fear of being annihilated by space rocks

Install instructions

Please use Oculus runtime 0.7 to ensure best performance. Upon downloading and unzipping, start Nova Chase by loading NovaChase.exe. After launching the exe and after putting on your DK2 head mounted display, hit "space bar" when looking towards your DK2 camera. The experience may orient incorrectly when first opened, or require network permissions. Even if the intro text feels like it's off center, look towards your camera when hitting "space bar" and the orientation will be corrected on the orientation page.


NovaAsteroids.zip 88 MB

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